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Sir Walter Coffee - I don't think this place could be located any more strategically for me to get to! Also the fact that its right next to Amorino gives me life: pick up coffee or a latte from Sir Walter and then head over to Amorino for dessert.

Their drink menu is diverse - they have anything from bubble tea (yep, you heard that right!) to various lattes like the infamous charcoal latte. They also have a variety of biscuits which my friend and I split last time and were left wishing we ordered more! 

I've tried their charcoal latte and it was great!
Their Vietnamese iced coffee is also great, although a little strange in that they give you the coffee and condensed milk separately, and it is a small portion - maybe the equivalent of 2 espresso shots in volume.

Definitely recommend for a quick breakfast or coffee especially if you live in the Raleigh area!   - ZAINAB F.



The coffee shop that wasn't. In the land of wasn't, this place is part bar, part lunch counter, part date spot, and part home office. I guess that's why it attracts such an interesting cast of characters. 

You see the girl in the corner bobbing her head to the music flowing through her Beats?  She's a stay at home mom and she comes here to enjoy an almond latte away from the kids. True, they don't have soy milk but almond is fine and she can jam out without the kiddos.

And that guy in the fedora?  Catching a late lunch of a ham and cheese bagel?  He's a reporter gearing up for his next shift with moments to spare.

See those two girls with messy buns and yoga pants?  Nearby college students, cramming for a test with the free WiFi since the password is provided inside.  

And that couple sharing a few drinks?  They're taking the edge off before their first date. That's right - Sir Walter Raleigh has craft beer and mixed drinks. I am dying to try the "Sir Walter Signature" Shots Fired . Coffee and Alcohol. What could go wrong?

And you see that guy sitting off to the side with a Mohawk, neck tats, trendy scarf, and glasses?  He's the owner and he can talk to most anyone about anything. He stands out but fits in and keeps an eye on things, gives a gentle ribbing to employees, and beams with pride talking about his family and wife and her drink (the heart and honey). Start up a conversation with him. It's worth the next hour you'll spend.  - CASSIE B.



Sir Walter Coffee (SWC) is in the ever burgeoning DTR coffee scene halfway down Davie between Blount and Wilmington, across the street from Sosta and not too far from "42 & Lawrence", Crema, Bittersweet,The Morning Times, and Starbucks.  So which one should you visit? 

Each coffee joint is slightly different than the next. Sometimes you'll just want the best coffee beverage money can buy (The Morning Times), an alternative place to drink Counter Culture coffee (Bittersweet), European cafe vibe (Sosta), uber modern ambience/coffee using Larry's beans (42 & Lawrence), great people (Crema), or name-brand recognition (Starbucks). 

And sometimes, you'll want the independent place that just feels like home. That's Sir Walter Coffee.

This place is well lit and comfortable, with a combination of booths, tables, and counter stools. I love the industrial design/decoration, combining concrete + wood + metal.  SWC uses their own beans, which are surprisingly good given their competition. And their small but mighty bar and food options get the job done.  This is a place where you can easily hang, talk business, or just refresh. Prices are reasonable, too. 

Two extra features. 1) They have a pay-it-forward chalkboard for beverage donations. 2) enjoy the unique thrill of using a restroom with a semi-translucent window on it. #SpeedPotty  - CHRIS S.